Ardmore Park Area (Connaught-Oxford)

Ardmore Park Area

Located between Quinpool Road and Bayers Road, The Ardmore Park area is a residential community dating back to the earlier part of the 20th century.  Ardmore Park is a bustling mix of families and students all attracted to the conveniently situated homes in the area.

Ardmore Park:

  • Community consultation on improvements – Replace unsightly fence with new, lower, more attractive fencing as well as beautification of the  park
  • New accessible playground equipment
  • New accessible service dog training park, fenced, with key card system for persons who are visually impaired
  • Paving and new sidewalks in South End and West End streets throughout community
  • Sidewalk snow removal on all secondary roads

Some goals for the next four years:

  • Convince Halifax Transit to keep the #1 bus route on Oxford Street
  • New bike routes to downtown
  • Work with Halifax Regional Police to ensure speeds are monitored
  • More public parking on Quinpool Road
  • New reduced tax rate for small business
Accessable Playground

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