Fairmount represents both the very old and very new in Halifax.  A residential community for more than 50 years, Fairmount has continually attracted residents due to its quiet nature, beautiful old growth trees and proximity to destinations both on and off the peninsula.  The numerous walking trails in the area attract walkers, runners and cyclist from all over HRM. During the last several years I have worked closely with residents of the Fairmount on a number of projects:

  • Convinced Council to purchase the former CN Rail line and convert it to the Chain of  Lakes Trail
  • Using district funds, built two pocket parks on  Brook Street
  • Installed public art on Chain of Lakes Trail
  • Installed a new bridge over the Chain Lakes Field, connecting it to the communities off St. Margaret’s Bay Road
  • Obtained funding to hire a consultant to connect the Chain of Lakes Trail with other trails
  • Established new trail connections in Fairmount and Joseph Howe Drive area for community access to Chain of Lakes Trail
  • Worked with Halifax Water and HRM to pave and enhance entire 7.25 km trail which is maintained year round
  • Installed community signage to identify the Fairmount area
  • Worked with community volunteers to install new playground equipment, upgrade sports field, community skating rink and tennis court resurfacing and professional coating
  • Worked with community volunteers, PTA, teachers, Principal on community initiatives such as the Running Club, Arbor Day, Springvale Under the Stars
  • Worked with Animal Control and Halifax Regional Police on community safety
  • Convinced Traffic Authority to install traffic lights on Springvale at Joseph Howe Drive
  • Worked with the St. Agnes PTA, Principal, teachers and students on our Legacy Project to integrate the school into the community. The project included a paved ceremony area, benches, bike rack, gazebo, landscaping, basketball standard and public art to follow

My plans for the next four years:

  • Asked Council and Transit to have the existing Route 5 to continue to travel beyond Mumford to downtown and not terminate at the Mumford Terminal
  • Implement a new, enforceable parks policy to prohibit motorized bicycles on the Chain of Lakes Trail
  • Identify walking routes to install new concrete sidewalks
  • Traffic calming on Down’s Avenue school route
  • Collaboration with the Springvale Under the Stars volunteer group to enhance our public spaces and amenities
  • Connect more trails and new bike lanes to the Chain of Lakes Trail
Fairmount Sign

Your suggestions and recommendations for your community are welcomed. Please email me at linda@lindamosher.ca or call 902-477-8618

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