Flinn Park, Horseshoe Island, Peninsula

Flinn Park, Horseshoe Island, Peninsula

Situated between Chebucto and Jubilee Road in Peninsular Halifax are the communities/park areas which include Flinn Park and Horseshoe Island. Flinn Park is a deceptively large park that is used by local residents as well as visitors. The area features a playground, a baseball diamond and walking paths. Horseshoe Island Park is located on the Northwest Arm and has some of the best views in Halifax.

Some improvements to the Flinn Park/Horseshoe Island area include:

  • New walkway around Flinn Park, paved and maintained in the winter
  • Community signage for Flinn Park and Horseshoe Island Park and landscaping
  • Obtained staff approval to conduct traffic calming study for MacDonald Street under newly established criteria. It has qualified for these measures and the solution and implementation plan to follow
  • Canadian Flag pole Horseshoe Island Park
  • Repurposing historic granite from previous stairs-based on resident input-Fall 2016
  • Introduced infill regulations on the Northwest Arm
  • Initiated the Northwest Arm Shoreline Restoration Study

My plans for the next four years:

  • Implement effective traffic calming measures for MacDonald Street
  • Continue to work with Halifax Regional Police to address speeding
  • Enhance existing parks
  • Work with HRM staff to identify key bike routes to downtown
Horseshoe Island

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