Joseph Howe, Mumford area

Joseph Howe/Mumford area

This area includes many older, small residential communities including Rockwood subdivision, Pinewood Acres and Abbott Heights. These are much sought after neighbourhoods and their streets are mature and quiet. Much of the area is considered the West End on Peninsular Halifax, although the neighbourhoods are primarily single family homes with limited commercial properties.

  • Made the St. Agnes Junior High Legacy Project a reality, working together with parents, teachers and students
  • Worked with the Titanic Society to restore and provide maintenance to enhance Mount Olivet Cemetery Titanic Grave Site
  • Convinced staff to go beyond simply renovating St. Andrew’s Centre, opting for a complete rebuild based on community consultation
  • Spearheaded the Urban Forest Master Plan, with dedicated budgets now in place to both plant new trees and maintain them
  • Sponsored a motion on the September 20th Regional Council agenda to have a dedicated budget for tree stump removal

My plans for the next four years:

  • New bus terminal to replace outdated Mumford Road Terminal
  • Support for enhanced public transit options including evaluation of commuter rail proposal from VIA Rail Canada and other solutions such as high speed ferries and express transit
  • New and enhanced playground/park area on Ashburn Avenue
  • Continue to pursue purchase of former Down’s Zoological Gardens for public parkland
  • Pocket park at vacant lands on Bayers Road
  • Assessment of local streets to meet traffic calming criteria
st. agnes jr. high

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