Regatta Point, Melville Cove area

Regatta Point, Melville Cove area

Home to both Melville Island and Deadman’s Island, the Melville Cove area is as rich in History as any site in the HRM.  Both islands played a role in multiple wars as a prison and for artillery training by the British Army.  This history of warfare belies the peaceful and scenic nature of the current day Melville Cove area.  The area has often been the target of developers, but strong opposition by the community has been able to successfully resist such efforts.  The recent designation of both islands as National Historic Sites ensures that their history, and natural beauty, will remain intact for years to come.

  • Worked with the Regatta Point Residents Association and the Greek Orthodox Church to come to an agreement to extend the Regatta Point Walkway to Purcell’s Cove Road
  • Built a pocket park with historical interpretative panels facing Armdale Yacht Club
  • Benches and other park amenities in Regatta Point by anchor and on walkway
  • Prioritized seawall repairs for 2016 and capital funding for 2017 pending Council approval
  • New sidewalk and new push button crosswalk for pedestrian safety
  • Bike lanes Purcell’s Cove Road from Herring Cove Road/Purcell’s Cove Road up to and including Purcell’s Cove Road
  • Established Deadman’s Island Park, including walkway, Canadian flag, interpretative panels, walkway around Island
  • Obtained monument from United States Memorial Service
  • Successfully applied for National Historic Site Status for both Melville Island and Deadman’s Island
  • Introduced infill regulations to provide protection to the Northwest Arm
  • Initiated the Northwest Arm Shoreline Restoration Study

My plans for the next four years:

  • Seawall restoration on the Regatta Point seawall
  • Implement consultant recommendations to improve traffic flow on Herring Cove Roads and Purcell’s Cove Road merge area. This will also reduce neighbourhood short cutting and speeding
  • Continue to update public spaces such as the new playground being installed and enhance the anchor parkette
Melville Island Deadmans Island

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