The Westmount area was first used as a commercial airport prior to World War II.  Following the war, 305 residential homes were constructed on the former airfield to house returning military personnel.  The area is easily recognized by the distinct style of home, a building plan that was used extensively in post war Halifax.  Today, Westmount is a family friendly community with beautiful green space and a rich history.  Some improvements to the area include:

  • Two newly resurfaced tennis courts
  • Sign blade project – Lest We Forget (residents voted on text) and ceremony
  • Signage welcoming visitors to the Westmount area
  • Blue Birds Nursing Sisters (residents asked to commemorate service women, voted on this choice) plaque to be installed Fall 2016
  • Outdoor school improvements including benches and play areas as well as bike and scooter racks to be installed fall of 2016
  • Work with PTA, volunteers, school principal

My plans for the next four years:

  • Work with Traffic Services and Halifax Regional Police to address speeding
  • Continue to work with residents and the Westmount Elementary School Home & School Association to enhance the park and school areas
  • Coordinate with HRM staff to identify key bike routes to downtown
  • Enhance the Legacy Project at St. Agnes Junior High School with public art
Westmount Sign
Westmount Tennis Courts

Your suggestions and recommendations for your community are welcomed. Please email me at linda@lindamosher.ca or call 902-477-8618

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