Main issues

We have accomplished so much together in the years I have served as your Councillor, and I am looking forward to continuing that privilege over the next four years.

“I remain dedicated to ensuring that HRM deals with financial realities rather than merely increasing taxes.”

My job is to represent every one of my constituents to the best of my ability. With the new boundary changes implemented in 2012, my goal was to meet as many of you as possible while bringing much needed change to such a diverse and growing area.

I am incredibly proud of how far we have come in such a short time.

Part of my job as councillor is to find innovative and creative ways to solve issues and improve our District. As the driving force behind successfully obtaining National Historic Site Status for the Memorial Tower at the Dingle, I was able apply for federal funding. In 2011 I worked around the clock to successfully secure a $1 million federal grant for the restoration of the Memorial Tower.

There has also been so much accomplished through new park lands and public facilities in our District. The Northwest Arm coastal analysis and seawall restoration at the Dingle are some good examples. One specific advocacy effort I am most proud of was getting HRM to acquire the former CN rail line and create the Chain of Lakes Trail.

As your councillor I will continue to focus on preserving and improving our public spaces in District 9 and champion new ideas and initiatives that sustainably protect and grow our region.

There is more work to be done, and it includes:

  • Fighting to keep municipal taxes low
  • Dealing with realistic financial realities
  • Supporting small businesses through sustainable development
  • Continuing the drive to implement the Urban Forest Master Plan
  • Preventing clear-cutting of lots within the city and to enhance our urban forest
  • Preserving the rich and proud heritage of District 9 – Halifax West Armdale

I seek the job as your councillor because there is no greater honour than serving the people of District 9 – Halifax West Armdale. Together we will continue to solve our region’s issues, build a stronger community, and guide the way for future generations to come.

Linda Mosher

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