Parks and Recreation



  • The driving force on nominating and receiving National Historic Site Status for the Memorial Tower at the Dingle
  • Obtained over $6.5 Million in funding for extensive renovation of Sir Sandford Fleming Park including Memorial Tower, seawall refurbishment, and new playground boat launch in fall 2016
  • Initiated the Dingle Natal Day Party which just celebrated a very successful 9th year
  • Ensured that all playgrounds and parks have been refurbished and evaluated so that they are safe for children and residents to enjoy
  • Worked with the community and HRM to purchase the former CN Rail Line and establish the new Chain of Lakes Trail, continuing to add pocket parks, public art and other amenities
  • Established the Deadman’s Island Park and obtained National Historic Site Status for Deadman’s Island and Melville Island
  • Enhanced local parks such as Horseshoe Island Park, Flinn Park, Ardmore Park, Bayers Westwood, Ecole Chebucto Heights, Chain of Lakes Trail parks and St. Agnes School
  • Introduced streetscape beautification improvements to the Herring Cove Road and St. Margaret’s Bay Road which included hanging baskets, benches, parks
  • New facilities at Chocolate Lake Beach and retrofit of the Captain William Spry Centre

Issues in the News

Northwest Arm seawall work to carry on – Halifax Regional Council advised to accept tender for next phase of $4m project – Coun. Linda Mosher (Halifax West Armdale) said in some areas, waves were overtopping the wall and washing out the path. “The wall has been deteriorating. Sea-level rise and climate change has made it much worse. It’s literally falling into the arm in some spots”. Mosher said once the project is completed, the Northwest Arm seawall will last another 100 years.

-The Chronicle Herald January 13, 2015

Launching a Legacy – “Councillor Linda Mosher is working hand-in-hand with the St. Agnes PTA to get the new school improvements under the Legacy Project, which will connect the school with the community-at-large, ready in time for school this fall, so students like Adam and Ryan can start enjoying them right away.

-The Chronicle Herald-Halifax Citizen August 2015

Deadman’s Island and Melville Island Recognized for their National Historic Significance – “For many years, the Halifax Regional Municipality has worked together with community members to preserve Deadman’s and Melville Islands. We are so pleased to have our request for national historic site status granted, commemorating the importance of both islands in Canadian history.”

-Councillor Linda Mosher, Halifax Regional Municipality and proponent of HSMBC designation at Melville and Deadman’s Islands: Government of Canada News Release: May 30, 2016