Safety and Security



  • Worked extensively with Halifax Regional Police and Community Response to target vandalism and graffiti vandals and combat associated crimes
  • Convinced HRM staff and council to approve a 311 centre so that there will only be one number to access City Hall
  • Obtained approval for a mobile command centre to take to any emergency site to enhance response during major incidents
  • As Chair of Halifax Board of Police Commissioners spearheaded a ten year strategic plan for Halifax Regional Police and established a continuous board training program
  • Organized and hosted an international graffiti and crime prevention conference in Halifax, 2014. All speakers and assistance were on a volunteer basis and no cost to HRM

Issues in the News

New Halifax police officers welcomed-Linda Mosher, chairwoman of the Halifax board of police commissioners, told the new recruits they’re joining the force at a critical time. “This is a great time to join Halifax Regional Police. We have new and more leadership opportunities within the organization and great leaders have been coming through the ranks,” Mosher said. “There is very positive change in the organization. The chief presented our 10-year strategic plan to the public this morning, and you will play a key role ensuring this plan is implemented and the values upheld.

-The Chronicle Herald June 9, 2015

28 police jobs in jeopardy – Mosher said she wouldn’t support cuts to the number officers, nor can she believe it’s something staff would expect of the department. “Public safety is a primary concern to residents,” she said. “We hear that in our research and….I wouldn’t hear any revision of that”.

-The Chronicle Herald Jan 29, 2013

Drones approved for Halifax Fire use – “It will reduce risk. It’s a very important public safety feature,” said Coun. Linda Mosher, who moved the motion approving the purchase.

-The Chronicle Herald July 27, 2016

Savage mum on CP rail issue – Coun. Linda Mosher, whose district includes the Quinpool Road bridge, said she’d like to see more details from CN on inspections. “What I would like to see is the actual engineering report saying it’s structurally sound by a certified engineer, and the terms of agreement for the maintenance, and how often the engineers recommend it should be inspected,” said Mosher. “That type of information is lacking.”

-The Chronicle Herald June 29, 2013