Linda Mosher has been incredibly responsive as our local Councillor to any request or concerns we have raised.  During her time as our Councillor we have been impressed with how she has addressed a number of long standing community concerns around infrastructure, safety and local services.

She was a champion on a number of files including: the improvements to the Chocolate Lake swimming and tennis courts; the significant investments in the Dingle; and numerous playgrounds and parks all over the area have been improved.   She is very supportive of local charities and events.    We were most impressed this last year when a number of residents in our area raised the issue of safety amidst the   growing traffic concerns on residential streets.   With a number of children in the area Ms. Mosher quickly addressed the issue with City staff and they put in place monitoring of the area resulting in new traffic enforcement – this happened within a few short months.
Linda works really hard and has earned the job as Councillor.  Our area is diverse economically and we have seen improvements in all parts of the district she represents.
We wish her success in the upcoming fall elections.