Linda Mosher is a Councillor that gets things done!

I have been living on Tamarack Drive for almost twenty years and am currently raising my three daughters together with my lovely wife Tanya. Upon our eldest starting school at Chebucto Heights Elementary School, I noticed a lack of playground amenities for the kids in their immediate play area. I mentioned this to the school faculty and then reached out to Linda on what could be done from her end. To my surprise and very shortly after this request, I hear that plans are in place for a new playground! By request from our Councillor, HRM has agreed to fund the project  along with an injection of funds from District Capital and a grant to boot! Great use of our tax dollars and a big surprise for the kids and my second daughter starting school there this Fall.

After speaking with Linda on various concerns and topics over the years I have found myself becoming more engaged in the community. Attending the Natal Day Festival at The Dingle each year is an event that brings a lot of local families and some businesses together for what is a great time. It is these types of initiatives that allow the community to see the things being done in our District and keep us all apprised of what is happening . Things I would never have heard of otherwise, like the six million dollars that has gone into one of HRM’s most notable landmarks, The Dingle Tower, and the work done reinforcing the seawall below. Apparently there is also a new boat launch and a playground going into that area in the Fall. Being a boater myself with the three kids makes this a perfect place to go.

I have also noticed a lot of “Smoke Free” signs going up around the parks, beaches and playgrounds lately. Another initiative from our District that is very nice to see. Second hand smoke is not something anyone likes to be exposed to and with three little ones in tow at most of these spots, it is great to see this issue and others being addressed.

Having Councillors that are engaged in their communities is essential and the reason we have them. In my opinion Linda has the  experience and the energy to continue to ensure that our District thrives within the HRM and that we continue to stand out and be proud of what our community  represents.