What people are saying

Kudos to HRM Council for deciding to maintain all HRM owned sidewalks, not just a select few.  HRM sidewalks are for all citizens to use, and a HRM responsibility for their upkeep. Councillor Mosher deserves credit for promoting the issue.

This is a step forward for the primary form of active transportation in high density areas, and removes an obstacle to outdoor winter exercise. It is also good news for mobility challenged citizens and those less able to remove snow (not everyone has helpful neighbours). It could also help private snow removal companies.

Yes, there are wrinkles to work out. But, HRM has experience from other serviced areas, where few quality complaints seem to arise, and minimum standards seem to be exceeded. Community minded folks remain free to assist with sidewalk clearing, as they did before, when delays occur.

Carl Myers , Resident of District 9

My wife and I relocated to Halifax two years ago and purchased a condo unit on Springvale Avenue. The condo has a number of owners who use the adjacent Chain Lake Trail on a daily basis to exercise and walk their dogs. It was quickly apparent to me that access to the trail particularly during the winter months was dangerous to these owners due to the heavy traffic on Springvale.


I contacted Linda Mosher, our Councillor for district 9 to explore any remedies that might exist. Councillor Mosher took the time to visit the site in order to understand the problem. After agreeing the problem needed to be addressed, Linda commissioned the City’s engineering department to develop a solution. In a few short weeks we had an aesthetically pleasing solution that greatly enhanced our safety. Kudos to Councillor Mosher for listening and taking action.

Doug Appt , Resident, District 9

Linda’s a passionate community advocate. Her character is defined by her level of access, responsiveness and an ear for how contributions can positively influence the collective community of Halifax. She’s a team player and a forward thinker … just what every district needs to represent their concerns and expectations.

Bob Shaw , Resident, District 9

Councillor Linda Mosher is a strong leader who has an excellent grasp of  the challenges facing HRM. Most importantly,she responds to constituent concerns in  a timely and positive manner.

Barry Keeler , Doug Smith Drive

Linda Mosher is a Councillor that gets things done!


Lawrence Conrad , Tamarack Drive Halifax, NS