What people are saying

Linda is a passionate leader for Halifax, especially for district 9, the area she serves. I continue to
see her positive actions as our councillor and community representative at Halifax City Hall.

Linda is very involved in the community and responsive to matters that affect us. She does not fear taking a stand on issues that she believes are right for her constituents and Halifax in general.

I am pleased to support Linda and her quest in October to continue to serve.

John Webb , Resident, District 9, Halifax

My wife and I live in Councillor Linda Moshers district and I have owned my home for 20 years. I cannot count the amount of times I have had to contact Linda to ask for help with issues concerning my neighborhood over this period of time. Each and every time I requested help from Linda she responded quickly and went above and beyond to make our district a better place to live and resolve my issue. One of the best attributes of Linda is that she actually listens to what the issue is. (more…)

Brent and Lorey Brown , Springvale Ave., Halifax N.S.

Linda Mosher has been incredibly responsive as our local Councillor to any request or concerns we have raised.  During her time as our Councillor we have been impressed with how she has addressed a number of long standing community concerns around infrastructure, safety and local services.


David Fiander , Resident of District 9

“Linda is very community-oriented, and supports our local heritage. She was instrumental in assisting with maintenance and restoration of the Mount Olivet Cemetery Titanic gravesite. Her insight and ‘get-it-done’ attitude are what make her a great councillor.”

Deanna Ryan-Meister , President, Titanic Society of Atlantic Canada

“I know when I contact you I will always get a response and you do everything you can to address the issue. I know you truly care about your constituents and the communities they live in!! Look forward to you being our councillor for many more years.”

Michelle Brewer , Resident of District 9