My vision is to continue working with residents to enhance our communities and, where possible, increase our vibrant public spaces.  Some of the areas I plan to focus on improving over the next four years include:

  • Continue with a global focus on public transportation that will reduce the downstream effects of traffic.  Solutions visionmust attract many passengers such as high speed ferries, dedicated bus lanes, and express transit. Bus routes must reflect residents’ input.
  • Create a reduced tax rate for small business.
  • Higher standards for maintenance such as line painting, mowing & pot holes and faster response times.
  • Focus on new and connected bike lanes on main arterial roads in HRM.
  • Continue to acquire new parkland such as the former CN rail line for the Chain of Lakes Trail so that we can enhance our public spaces, including:
    • Acquire lands in the Blue Mountain Birch Cove area for a regional park as per the 2006 Regional Plan suggested park boundaries.
    • Protect 100 Wild Islands and create a coastal island wilderness area along the Eastern Shore.
    • Protect the Purcell’s Cove Backlands and Williams Lake lands.
  • Aggressively target quality of life crimes (graffiti, vandalism, theft) that escalate into major crimes.
  • Enhanced funding for the Urban Forest Master Plan and maintenance to improve our urban forest. Develop a private property Tree Bylaw.
  • Work with Traffic Services and the police to address increased traffic and speeding on local residential streets.
  • Continue to be an advocate for livable, affordable housing and ensure that this housing stock include homes suitable for families, not just bachelor apartments.
  • Stop un-necessary road widening projects such as the Bayers Road proposal.
  • Hold the line on taxes through increased efficiencies and reduction of unnecessary expenditures.
  • Focus on enhancing downtown with more public amenities such as the Central Library and Oval.
  • Continue beautification and enhancement of our community spaces such as Sir Sandford Fleming Park (Dingle) where we have made significant improvements such as the Memorial Tower and seawall restorations.

Above all, I will continue to maintain open, transparent and continuous communication with residents.