District 9 is more than just a politically defined area, it is a collection of vibrant communities each with their own unique culture and personality.  Approaching my job as serving communities, rather than serving a district, has helped me better connect with my residents and has helped me make better choices as a councillor.

Here you can learn about each of the communities that make up district 9 and the work that I have done as a councillor for these communities.

Accessable Playground


Located between Quinpool Road and Bayers Road, The Ardmore Park area is a residential community dating back to the earlier part of the 20th century.  Ardmore Park is a bustling mix of families and students all attracted to the conveniently situated homes in the area.

Covered Picnic area and playground


The Bayers Westwood area is a diverse community located in the heart of District 9.  Bayers Westwood has a reputation for being a close knit community with a strong sense of family.  There are many dedicated volunteers who enhance the sense of community and teamwork.  In the summertime, you can find many events aimed at strengthening the community and bringing neighbours together.



The Chocolate Lake community is named for it’s most distinct feature, a man-made lake with a public beach that is popular with locals in the summertime.  In the summertime, the city of Halifax posts lifeguards at the lake and offers free swimming lessons.

Stoneridge is a relatively new subdivision in Armdale. The community has a playground and a beautiful walking trail around a lake, called Hail Pond. It is surrounded by forested areas including Long Lake Provincial Park but is minutes from downtown. There are many different types of residences including high rise condominium units, apartments and large single family homes.

Kline Heights Sign


Cowie Hill is a neighbourhood that sits atop a hill overlooking the Northwest Arm.  Known for its rows of townhouses that line mostly one-way streets, Cowie Hill is a distinctive neighbourhood with one of the best views of Halifax.

A community of Armdale, Kline Heights is named after the Kline family. The first people who lived there were the Marriotts. Many of the first generation residents had the occupation of stone cutters. The community sign depicts a stone arch in honour of the founders.

Fairmount Sign


Fairmount represents both the very old and very new in Halifax.  A residential community for more than 50 years, Fairmount has continually attracted residents due to its quiet nature, beautiful old growth trees and proximity to destinations both on and off the peninsula.  The numerous walking trails in the area attract walkers, runners and cyclist from all over HRM.

Dingle Island Sailboats


Fleming Heights, Jollimore and Ravenscraig are residential communities that surround the notable Halifax landmarks, Sir Sandford Fleming Park and the Memorial Tower known as the Dingle by locals. Fleming was the Father of Standard time and donated this park for the enjoyment of Halifax Residents. He was responsible for building the tower to commemorate the 100th anniversary of representative government in Halifax. With its historic monuments, coastal views, the area is truly representative of what it means to live and work in Halifax.  With the restoration of the Memorial Tower, ongoing restoration of the seawall and park improvements, we are working hard to ensure that this beautiful historic park is preserved.

Horseshoe Island


Situated between Chebucto and Jubilee Road in Peninsular Halifax are the communities/park areas which include Flinn Park and Horseshoe Island. Flinn Park is a deceptively large park that is used by local residents as well as visitors. The area features a playground, a baseball diamond and walking paths. Horseshoe Island Park is located on the Northwest Arm and has some of the best views in Halifax.

st. agnes jr. high


This area includes many older, small residential communities including Rockwood subdivision, Pinewood Acres and Abbott Heights. These are much sought after neighbourhoods and their streets are mature and quiet. Much of the area is considered the West End on Peninsular Halifax, although the neighbourhoods are primarily single family homes with limited commercial properties.

Melville Island Deadmans Island


Home to both Melville Island and Deadman’s Island, the Melville Cove area is as rich in History as any site in the HRM.  Both islands played a role in multiple wars as a prison and for artillery training by the British Army.  This history of warfare belies the peaceful and scenic nature of the current day Melville Cove area.  The area has often been the target of developers, but strong opposition by the community has been able to successfully resist such efforts.  The recent designation of both islands as National Historic Sites ensures that their history, and natural beauty, will remain intact for years to come.

Spryfield Golden Age center


The Spryfield area combines the space and beauty of the suburbs, with the convenience of living downtown.  With its many lakes and forested areas, it’s hard to believe you’re only 5 minutes from the downtown core.  With many schools, recreational areas and community organizations, Spryfield is a great community to live and raise a family.

Westmount Sign


The Westmount area was first used as a commercial airport prior to World War II.  Following the war, 305 residential homes were constructed on the former airfield to house returning military personnel.  The area is easily recognized by the distinct style of home, a building plan that was used extensively in post war Halifax.  Today, Westmount is a family friendly community with beautiful green space and a rich history.