Planning and Development



  • Pushed for enforcement when developers disregard regulations. Now instead of a $250 slap on the wrist, a ticket of up to $5000 can be issued
  • Worked collaboratively with HRM staff and residents to ensure that Cowie Hill kept their wiring underground
  • Initiated the Herring Cove Road Streetscape study and associated funding for projects
  • Was a primary driver to initiate and develop a Regional Plan to properly direct growth and resources over the next 25 years
  • Stressed the need to make our Downtown Halifax more vibrant and supported projects such as the Central Library
  • Did not support development applications that were not compatible with planning policies and communities

Issues in the News


Developer may appeal project’s rejection-Coun. Linda Mosher (Armdale-Peninsula West) said she voted against the plan because it was not compatible with a number of policies, including creating neighbourhood compatibility and stability and preserving scale. “There were many aspects of this development that did not fit,” she said…

-The Chronicle Herald May 17, 2013

Council votes to reject Skye Towers – Councillor Linda Mosher said it was a difficult decision. She recognized the need to revitalize downtown, and referred to one constituent in her riding who was forced to move to Toronto because they had a $350,000 budget for a condo and “couldn’t find one in downtown Halifax.” Mosher said she likes the “height and densification of downtown” but HRM by Design was “compromised too much.” She said city council needs to have confidence to follow its policies and “can’t just sway with the wind.” November 20, 2012

Public can weigh in on 7-storey project “There’s a small park, a school-the design of the building is inappropriate relative to its surroundings,” said Coun. Linda Mosher.

-Halifax Metro News August 6, 2014

So Long St. Patrick’s Councillor Linda Mosher spoke on behalf of the Quinpool Road Business Association relaying they would like to see a mixed-use building replace the school incorporating residential, business, arts and green spaces–

-Metro News, July 23, 2014

Bloomfield Centre sold to province-Coun. Linda Mosher said she’s worried that Nova Scotia Housing plans on building bachelor or single-bedroom apartments, rather than affordable family housing because it’s suggested 480 units for the property. “These units are so small, it’s not about families,” the Peninsula West-Armdale councillor said. “Obviously, it’s about the money…The province bid a whole lot more and gave us a lot less.”

-The Chronicle Herald December 12, 2012

New design ‘rights a wrong’ Cogswell. “We’ve approved so many developments in the north end and downtown recently and none of them are really looking at families,” Mosher said. “If we’re creating a new community with new public spaces, bike lanes, wide sidewalks, it’s a perfect opportunity for families to come downtown.”

-Halifax Metro News April 29, 2014

Revised regional plan taking shape-Councillors also approved the insertion of a statement on the supply of serviced land in HRM, and asked for more detail on points such as increasing the riparian buffer in residential developments. “I support (CDAC’s) recommendation that it should be 30 metres…it aligns with provincial policy,” said Coun. Linda Mosher, who asked for further investigation.

-Halifax Metro News December 3, 2013